General Information

“World Heritage Region”: the mighty Dachstein - 2,995 meters high - was awarded this prestigious title in 1997. This impressive mountain landscape, along with Hallstatt and the Dachstein Salzkammergut region, were named World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Requirements and general information

The tour mainly covers alpine terrain. You will need appropriate mountain gear and plenty of stamina. The equipment you'll need includes: ankle-high boots, functional clothes, rucksack, food and water, rain and sun protection, first-aid kit, mobile phone, possibly hiking sticks, …Your route is recorded for posterity when you enter your name in every hut logbook in the Dachstein Mountains. 5 to 8 hours hiking time is planned per day. The routes are well marked, although the signs could be covered by snow. Which means, it is imperative that you take your maps and the Dachstein hiking book with you. Experienced guides are available to accompany you upon request.

This tour is dependent on weather conditions, but alternative routes are generally possible.

Further Information

Luggage transfer:
Luggage cannot be transferred to the following huts: Hofpürglhütte, Guttenberghaus and Goisererhütte. You will have to carry any luggage you need and your sleeping bag for overnights at these huts for yourself.

Huts: alpine breakfast and hiker's meal; ***inns/hotels: breakfast buffet and 3-course dinner

Hut overnights:
Shared rooms or mattress dorms (no doubles or singles!), sleeping bags necessary. Running water available (in some cases, cold only), some toilets are bio latrines.

Opening times at some huts are restricted from October on!

Hut sleeping bag --> blankets are available in the huts; you only need a  lightweight cotton/silk sleeping bag liner

Offers are non-binding. We recommend holiday cancelation insurance.

The standard terms and conditions of Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH  apply in their most current version.